DIY Smart Cinema built with Open Source

Deine Harmony ist so trickreich programmiert, das sich andere davon was abgucken können? Du möchtest anderen Usern präsentieren, wie du mit deiner Harmony das Heimkino verwaltest und den Hund fütterst?
Hier ist der Platz dafür (gerne mit Fotos).
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DIY Smart Cinema built with Open Source

Beitrag von quantar »

Hier mal mein Projekt, wollte sowas haben seit ich 16 bin. Damals der Traum, heute der Proof of Concept. :D
Hier der "Startup" und "Shutdown", daran habe ich ganz schön lange geknabbert. ...

I am too poor to buy all the stuff I want, and I am to stupid to code something I want to exist. I spent 90% of the time googling error messages I dont understand and c&p code I cant read. But at least I have a lot of ideas and some time ;)

+ Own AI Assistant, own Data -- No Alexa, no Cloud
+ All Controlled by Voice, Automatons or one remote
+ A Fake Hue Ambient Lighting System designed from scratch
+ Cheap with (essential) Parts, easy to Build (no Coding, no Soldering)
+ Unlimited Possibilities regarding Customization, Integration and Extension (APIs..)
+ Connections to external ecosystems (Kodi, Hue,..)
+ Features and Software Evolving with its Communities

# Voice Assistant: RasPi4 + ReSpeaker 4-mic-array with
# Server and NAS: Intel NUC with OpenMediaVault and Home Assistant
# Light: Fake Hues with Milights via diyHue and esp8266_milight_hub
# Client: Vero4K with OSMC (Kodi Fork)
# Plugs: Teckin SP21 flashed with Tasmota via Tuya-Convert
# Remote: Harmony Hub + Harmony 950
# Network: Asus RT-N66U with Merlin
# AV Stuff, 13 Speaker and about 60 Cables :-X

Further Ideas:
# A surround Ambient Lighting System with Hyperion
# A NUI Gesture Control System with Nvidia Shield(?)
# A Tablet based Interface for Playful Light Interaction
# Build a Nice Robot Body for Mycroft :)

Thanks, keep on Going!